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Daxtech IT Solutions Cloud Products

With so many cloud services these days it’s near impossible to keep up with all the options, let alone what’s best suited for the needs of your business. I’ve put together a list below of what we call our “Daxtech Cloud Menu” to help better understand some of the more popular solutions most businesses are using.

DigitalVault Virtual Servers

If you’d rather not deal with the initial up-front cost of a traditional in-house server or have branch offices and a remote work force, our virtual servers may be the perfect solution. Instead of buying your own server hardware, you’re essentially renting space on ours! We have invested heavily in our Canadian datacenter to bring you a highly available, secure and robust cloud server solution that is scalable as your business grows. Hardware maintenance and upgrades are all included with your monthly cost and you’ll quickly appreciate the advantage of being able to login and work from anywhere using almost any device.

DigitalVault Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Take advantage of the leading office collaboration solution without the up-front cost of servers and licensing to host it yourself. Microsoft Exchange offers the ability to share email, contacts, calendars and more among your entire organization and seamlessly syncs to your smartphone, tablet, desktop and laptop computers. Microsoft Exchange is the standard messaging and collaboration platform used in businesses today.

DigitalVault Hybrid Backup

Backups are one of the most critical components of a solid IT infrastructure for your business. With today’s cyber threats, backups are essential including off-site storage to protect against fire, flood, theft and more. Our DigitalVault Hybrid Backup service provides full snapshot image backups of your server to a local device multiple times a day and securely replicates your data over the Internet to our Canadian datacenter. In addition, if you are subscribed to our maintenance / monitoring agreement, we’ll monitor your backups 24/7.

DigitalVault Endpoint Protection

With today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, your business must remain ahead of the game to avoid costly downtime resulting from threats such as ransomware, virus attacks and more. Having threat protection software installed on ALL your workstations and servers is essential and our DigitalVault Threat Protection solution will help protect your business network and prevent damage or exposure to your critical and confidential data.

DigitalVault Hosted Email Filtering

Tired of sorting through loads of spam and worrying about opening that questionable email? Our DigitalVault Hosted Email Filtering service makes email safe again by pre-filtering all email for your organization, removing junk and threats BEFORE they reach your inbox. This is an inexpensive way to help secure your network with no software to install and no change to the way you currently receive email.

Daxter Granlin

Daxter Granlin

Daxter Granlin – CEO, Daxtech IT Solutions

As CEO of Daxtech IT Solutions, Daxter Granlin embodies expertise and passion in IT services, driving innovation and competitive advantage for clients. With over two decades of experience in systems administration and IT consulting, Daxter leads a team dedicated to delivering top-tier IT strategies and solutions.

Daxter’s leadership at Daxtech is marked by a commitment to integrity, collaboration, and continuous learning. His approach ensures that client engagements are value-driven and foster lasting relationships. Trust Daxter and his team to elevate your business systems, skillfully navigating the IT landscape to keep your enterprise at the forefront of your industry.