Disaster Recovery & Data Backup Planning

When it comes to disaster recovery and data backup planning, Daxtech IT Solutions has you covered.

A reliable, secure, and constantly-monitored data backup solution and disaster recovery plan is non-negotiable for any business. That includes yours!

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DigitalVault Hybrid backup solution

When it comes to disaster recovery and data backup planning, our team targets one central question: “With so many threats on the Internet today how can I recover from them all any time, anywhere?” This is done through an in-depth review of  your business’s current backup requirements, the implementation of a DigitalVault Hybrid backup solution to meet the needs of both your on-site and off-site backup storage, and, of course, continuous support from our experts here at Daxtech.
DigitalVault Hybrid backup solution

Small-to-medium sized businesses who are serious about safeguarding their data and ensuring that their data is available when and where they need it will benefit from our disaster recovery and data backup planning services. Our services:

  • Are customizable based on your specific business needs
  • Ensure that you do not have to worry about backups in the case of a disaster
  • Are fully encrypted to ensure full security for your backed-up data
  • Regularly test the integrity of your data
  • Are based in an off-site secure data center with equipment owned by Daxtech for full accessibility and security
  • Promise scalability as your business grows

Wherever you require data backup services, our distributed team of experts are here to get the job done… we can assist with cyber security solutions, IT threat assessment, network design, cloud solutions. Reach out to book your free consultation with us today!


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