Cybersecurity & Threat Assessment

We Will Keep You Safe & Secure

Our team handles everything from implementing new security measures to keeping your systems updated.

Cybersecurity & Threat Assessment in Victoria & Lethbridge

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

  • An audit of your current network security solutions and options
  • An analysis of potential internal and external threats
  • A list of recommended services that would resolve both your existing threats and any existing security weaknesses
  • A Managed Services Agreement that includes our team of experts monitoring your network and alerting you of any concerns

Why Trust Daxtech To Keep You Secure?

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly shifting and evolving. Every year, cyberthreats continue to grow in number and become more sophisticated.

To stay safe in today’s digital world, your business needs a network security solution that is designed to hold up against the toughest threats. The solution also needs to be able to adapt to emerging threats and be tailored to the demands of your organization.

The Daxtech team believes that the only way to effectively develop cybersecurity is through a fully managed approach that builds a culture of best practices, in combination with a range of carefully chosen technologies.

Get the cybersecurity your business deserves by choosing Daxtech as your provider. We are a Victoria & Vancouver Island-based managed services provider that specializes in IT security. Through our cybersecurity management services, we take the burden of managing your network security off of your shoulders.

We Will Eliminate Your Vulnerabilities

No matter how much you’ve invested in your cybersecurity, you can’t just assume it’s effective enough to protect you against cybercriminals. A key best practice for cybersecurity is to regularly test your measures to make sure they hold up in the event of an attack, and to identify any unseen vulnerabilities that are putting you at risk.

The best way to do so is to have Daxtech assess your cybersecurity for you. As a part of our cybersecurity services, we will take an unbiased look at your systems to determine where they may be vulnerable to external threats.

The key objective of this assessment is to find any vulnerabilities that can compromise the overall security, privacy, and operations of the network.

What Happens After A Cybersecurity Assessment?

After completing our comprehensive assessment, we review every detail of our findings with you to facilitate the process of improving your cybersecurity. Once the results are compiled, we can help you understand where your systems are most vulnerable, and what we would recommend to address those gaps in your cybersecurity.