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As your go-to cloud solutions, cloud services, and cloud hosting team, we here at Daxtech IT Solutions offer a wide range of products to make your cloud transition path seamless.

Having been in the business of cloud solutions for decades, our team of IT experts allow us to work with you from virtually anywhere. You’ll benefit by receiving high-quality service while simultaneously saving on both up-front infrastructure and future upgrade costs.

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Core components of our cloud solutions, cloud services, and cloud hosting include:

Hosted Cloud Servers

Which offer the following benefits:

  • Little-to-no up-front server hardware costs
  • The ability to work from anywhere with a stable Internet connection
  • The promise to only have to pay for the resources you need

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Which offer the following benefits:

  • Easily-synced email, contacts, and calendars across all devices
  • The ability to conveniently share calendars and Outlook information to integral team members anywhere in the world with an Internet connection

Hosted Email Security

Which offer the following benefits:

  • The built-in capability to “clean” emails before they reach your inbox
  • Automatic removal of spam, malware, viruses, and more
  • Protection from email-related threats

Cloud Hybrid Backup

Which offer the following benefits:

  • The ability to backup entire servers both on-site and off-site
  • Full disaster recovery solutions 
  • Minimize downtime in the event of a system failure or disaster scenario

Our team is here to explain, recommend, and/or provide quality cloud solutions that suit your business’s wants and needs. We take the uncertainty out of switching to the cloud. With Daxtech IT Solutions, the sky’s the limit!

Book your free consultation call with our team of experts today and, for our full suite of IT solutions, be sure to read up on our network design, disaster recovery and data backup planning, cyber security solutions and IT threat assessment, and more.



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