Laptop / Desktop Repair & Upgrades

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Victoria BC Office: 250-380-0377
Lethbridge AB Office: 587-813-0638



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What People Are Saying

Fabulous service, as always! We know we can count on you to be there for us, serving our technical needs most expeditiously. Thank you!

Rob Wickson

Discovery Economic Consulting

I have been extremely satisfied with DaxTech’s service over the past years. You guys have helped get our organization back on a stable footing.

Dianna Stenberg

The Land Conservancy of BC

Their experienced and knowledgeable staff have proactively caught and solved issues before they became a significant interruption to our business and clients.

Bryce McFadden

Manulife Securities Inc.

We have been very happy with their service, and high quality solutions that are designed to meet the needs of our demanding business.

Marc Furnemont

Hendry Swinton McKenzie Insurance