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Technology is a fundamental component of your business; this includes network design. As such, our fully-distributed team of IT experts are here to help you plan and build the right network design foundation in order to best support your business’s short and long-term goals. 

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Network Designs Support Business Growth

Why is network design so crucial? In short, the underlying network infrastructure is the backbone of a business’s network upon which all other devices communicate and interact; for that reason, network design is arguably the most important aspect of an IT infrastructure foundation and should be taken seriously. Business goals over the next several years will be taken into account by your assigned Daxtech IT professionals to ensure that our proposed network design solutions will support your business’s growth strategy.

Network Designs Support Business Growth

Within the scope of network design, our team offers the following services:

  • An audit and assessment of your business’s existing network infrastructure and design
  • Continuous reviewing, educating, and recommending updates based on your needs, budget, and industry’s best practice for security requirements
  • The installation and management of our proposed solutions, including, but not limited to, hardware installation, software installation and configuration, Ethernet cabling, wireless solutions, and physical and virtual server installation

Here at Daxtech IT Solutions, we are not simply another company to call when something breaks: instead, we proactively work alongside our clients to deliver proactive, comprehensive, and customizable services that suit their business goals and needs. With decades of experience in network design, our diverse client base includes medical clinics, law firms, insurance companies, veterinary clients, and many more.

Schedule your complimentary network design consultation with us today and be sure to visit our other services pages to learn how we can assist with disaster recovery and backup planning, cyber security solutions and IT threat assessment, cloud solutions, and more.


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