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Assisting Nanaimo, BC Businesses

Known for its scenic beauty and thriving marine industry, Nanaimo boasts a vibrant community with a perfect balance of natural wonders and economic opportunities. Daxtech takes pride in being a part of this picturesque city, providing IT solutions that support local businesses as they grow and prosper.

When you go with Daxtech, you're gaining access to a dedicated team of skilled professionals committed to delivering top-tier customer service. With over 15 years of experience serving Nanaimo, BC businesses of all sizes, we are equipped to support your company's journey.

Why Opt For Daxtech for IT Services in Nanaimo, BC?

At the outset, we endeavored to address a significant dilemma faced by small businesses, which struggled to meet their IT demands efficiently. Recognizing how larger corporations delegated various IT responsibilities to dedicated staff, we saw the potential advantages of applying a similar model to smaller entities. Despite not having extensive teams, they could still gain from expert support in managing their substantial workloads.

How Daxtech IT Solutions Benefits Clients

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Committed Account Manager

Benefit from a dedicated account manager who serves as your IT advocate, offering customized guidance and prompt resolutions, ultimately enhancing efficiency and reducing IT-related stress.

Cost Savings Through Transparent Pricing icon

Transparent Pricing for Cost Savings

The fixed-rate system we employ for Managed IT Services in Nanaimo, BC secures monthly savings, circumventing costs that may have arisen from unforeseen technology issues.

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Enhanced Cybersecurity

No need to worry about inconvenient network disruptions. With Daxtech's round-the-clock monitoring, your network remains operational when you need it most.

Say Goodbye to IT Stress

Managed IT

Daxtech has designed our managed IT services in Nanaimo, BC to provide businesses like yours with the advantages of an in-house IT department, but at a lower cost and without typical hassles. We handle all your routine IT tasks, including setting up new employees, offering help desk support, managing vendors, and ensuring data backups and disaster recovery, all for a steady, predictable monthly fee.

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Disaster Recovery & Backup Planning

Daxtech is here to ease your worries. Even in the direst circumstances, such as the loss of critical data and backups, there remains potential for recovery. Though we cannot offer absolute assurances, we diligently strive to retrieve your data.


Remember, IT security is an ongoing effort. Threats evolve, so it's crucial to stay ahead of those who could harm your organization and team. At Daxtech, we're committed to keeping you well-prepared and ahead of the ever-changing cybercrime landscape.

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Network Design

Regular upgrades to networking equipment and assets are essential. They ensure the use of up-to-date and reliable resources while allowing your network to grow with your business. Daxtech assesses all aspects of your network setup to tailor your infrastructure for your team, their operations, and their workflow.

Cloud Solutions

Daxtech IT Solutions, your reliable cloud solutions provider in Nanaimo, BC, presents a broad array of products to streamline your transition to the cloud. Backed by decades of expertise in cloud solutions, our IT specialists can engage with you remotely, ensuring top-notch service while reducing upfront infrastructure expenses and future upgrade costs.

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