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Written by Dylan Hodge

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September 2, 2021

Environmental Monitoring is Critical

Physical temperature and environment monitoring in computer / server rooms is a critical part of a complete Business Continuity plan. Your IT infrastructure supports your entire organization and without continued operation of IT resources, an organization may become unstable, suffer costly downtime or even go out of business.

The biggest threats to your IT environment…

The biggest threats continue to be power failure or improper cooling/heating that cause temperature and humidity extremes, inefficient power consumption or failure, and exposure to unexpected water leakage or flooding. 

The Solution to Keeping Your IT Infrastructure Safe from Disaster

Room Alert provides the environmental network monitoring tools you need to maximize your uptime and acts as key business continuity hardware. By monitoring factors such as temperature, humidity, flood / water leaks, power, smoke, motion and more, Room Alert monitors and sensors provide instant notification of any environment factor that could potentially cause downtime.
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AVTECH Line-up of Environmental Sensors & Monitoring Software

AVTECH offers a wide range of sensor options to help secure any IT environment. The Room Alert Manager software is AVTECH’s advanced application software for “Discovery, Management, Monitoring, Logging, Graphing, Alerting, Automatic Action & More.” It is designed as an interface for AVTECH monitors and allows users to immediately be informed when physical environment conditions change. 

Temperature & Humidity
Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor measures temperature and humidity, as well as dew point and heat index which indicate the “real feel” so you can keep your equipment and employees safe.
Active Power
Digital Active Power Sensor w/Temperature is a patented, award-winning sensor that accurately and clearly communicates power status and temperature.
Flood Sensor detects any liquid that could cause water damage or promote mold growth in your facilities. It recognizes water leaks to protect sensitive electronics.
Air Flow
Air Flow Sensor tracks air flow in your data center to ensure proper ventilation for your equipment and IT staff. It is available in 2 options, normally closed and normally open.
Room Entry
Room Entry Sensor recognizes doors or rack cabinets being open and increases security. It helps to manage who has access to the facilities.
Power Sensor monitors the power supply of a main, 3 phase, UPS or backup generator source. This sensor helps by ensuring your data center is receiving power.
Want to learn more? Let’s have a chat. We’ve been helping clients keep their server rooms safe using AVTECH environmental sensors for many years and can offer great pricing on both the hardware and manpower required to make the switch.

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