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Our main objective is to boost your business's efficiency and profitability by handling all your day-to-day IT tasks.

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Partnering With Abbotsford, BC Businesses

Daxtech IT Solutions- your top-rated Abbotsford IT Support Company,  is delighted to support Abbotsford's businesses with IT services that help them thrive in this unique and thriving environment.

When you enlist Daxtech, you enjoy a team of dedicated experts who are ready to deliver top-tier service. We are proud to have gained over 15 years of experience serving Abbotsford, BC businesses, making us more than ready to support your company.

Why Choose Daxtech- your top-rated Abbotsford IT Support Company for IT Services?

Our initial goal was to aid small businesses in the effective management of their IT requirements. We observed that larger corporations employed dedicated personnel to handle various IT functions, and we recognized the advantages of applying a similar strategy to smaller enterprises. Even in the absence of extensive teams, smaller businesses can derive valuable expert support in handling their substantial workloads.

How Daxtech IT Solutions Benefits You

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Reliable Account Manager

Our account managers provide clients with tailored solutions and responsive assistance, simplifying IT management and fostering a proactive approach to addressing unique business needs.

Cost Savings Through Transparent Pricing icon

Transparent Pricing

Our set pricing model for Managed IT Services in Abbotsford ensures monthly cost savings for unforeseen technology challenges.

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Stronger Cybersecurity

Forget about worrying over network disruptions. With Daxtech's 24/7 monitoring, your network remains secure.

Say So Long to IT Problems

Managed IT

Daxtech IT Solutions- your top-rated Abbotsford IT Support Company- gives you the advantages of an in-house IT department at a lower cost. We handle all your everyday IT tasks, including setting up new employees, providing help desk support, managing vendors, and ensuring data backups and disaster recovery, all for a predictable monthly fee.

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Disaster Recovery & Backup Planning

Rest assured, Daxtech is ready to ease your worries. In the event of a dire situation where essential data and backups are lost, we will make every effort to assist in their recovery.


Maintaining IT security requires continuous attention. At Daxtech - your top-rated Abbotsford IT Support Company, we are committed to ensuring your readiness and staying one step ahead in the ever-evolving world of cyber threats.

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Network Design

Regular upgrades to networking equipment are essential. Daxtech assesses your network setup to tailor your infrastructure for your team, their operations, and their workflow.

Cloud Solutions

Daxtech IT Solutions - Abbotsford IT Support Company,  provides a range of products designed to make transitioning to the cloud effortless. Leveraging our decades of experience, our team of IT professionals can work with you remotely, resulting in cost savings on both initial infrastructure and future upgrades.

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