The Best WiFi For Small Business

The Best WiFi For Small Business

Is your business suffering from bad wireless Internet?  You’re not alone.  We see offices suffering all the time with poor quality wireless and resulting complaints from their staff and guests.  Fear not, the solution for “The Best WiFi for Small Business” is here.

So what is the best WiFi for small business?  First off, let me tell you what isn’t.  It’s NOT a $50 wireless router from Best Buy or Future Shop.  It’s NOT those cheap wireless extenders promising unlimited range.

If you want the best WiFi for small business you need to spend a little cash.  This is the same for any technology at your office (or home for that matter).

We work with small business every day and see this problem a LOT.  Our recommended brand of choice is Fortinet.  With a Fortinet system you’re getting a commercial grade solution on a budget any small business can afford.

Once this system is in place, you’ll be able to relax because you won’t hear any more complaints and you wont have to think anymore about it. Ahhhh, doesn’t that sound nice?! Isn’t that the goal of any small business owner?

Ok here’s what you need.  This will change slightly depending on your office layout and design but in general you just need to add more access points in strategically placed locations.

The Best WiFi For Small Business

In order to get the Best WiFi for Small Business you’re going to need to replace your router.  For many businesses this will be a major upgrade.  For those that already have a commercial grade router in place, well, there are other options you can consider however it always makes for a more reliable solution if you have the same product brand end to end.

Get yourself the correct size router.  Most offices of 50 or less can get away with a Fortinet FG-60D:

The Best WiFi For Small Business

Aside from being the primary hub of traffic for your network and providing a foundation for the Best WiFi for Small Business, the Fortinet FG-60D gives you a ton of network security for your office.  Web filtering, antivirus and anti-malware protection, sophisticated packet filtering and inspection, VPN capabilities and much more.

Next you’ll need to choose the best type and quantity of wireless access points:

The Best WiFi For Small Business

Now all of these options will need to be reviewed by your IT company to ensure the best selection specific for your business layout and coverage requirements however we typically install the 221C and the 24D in most locations.

If you or your IT people need help choosing the right solution or would like to purchase Fortinet equipment, please click here to contact us as we are an authorized reseller of Fortinet.

The best part of this solution (and your IT people will love this) is that everything is managed from a single interface on the router.  From the router login screen you can see and manage all wireless access points and essentially your entire network.

So, in conclusion, if you want a solution that’s going to WORK reliably, spend the extra money, do it once and get the right products.  Something that is designed to work for a business, not some junk that you thought was a great deal at a local big box store. Just don’t do it!!!

A cheap solution will cost you much more in the long run in IT support costs and downtime / lost revenue than getting a solid reliable system to begin with.