We believe in technology support that helps our clients benefit from their technology investment.

You know what you want to do. We can help you do it. We are the leaders in technological consultation, implementation and management. Whether software and hardware support, training, or consultation, we not only solve your problems, we become your single point of contact for all your technology needs.

At Daxtech IT Solutions we understand that our business is really about people.

We believe in providing the best products, best services and best consultants to help your IT work for your business.

Areas of Expertise


Whether resolving an issue on your workstation or server, or getting your printer and peripherals to work properly, we can make your problems go away. We offer in-shop, on-site, telephone and remote support options all during regular business hours or after-hours.


We provide support for all industry standard hardware devices. We install and configure servers, hardware components, computer systems and network devices. If you require diagnostics, installation, or are looking to upgrade your current system, we are your best choice.


We have a proven method of care and communication with our clients. We are always friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to your needs.


We can help explain and recommend the right cloud solutions for your business.  Let us take the fear out of the cloud with detailed information on the various legal and ethical concerns of cloud computing in todays growing virtual world. 

Technical Service by the hour

Daxtech IT Solutions provides service by the hour at very competitive rates. Contact us below to speak to a representative about your needs. A brief conversation about your problem will help determine if you require on-site technical support.

For more information on how working with Daxtech IT Solutions can benefit you, contact a representative at 250-380-0377 or click below:


All Daxtech technical consultants are certified, bonded and insured, for your peace of mind.

Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft Certifications signify that the certified professional possesses the skills and knowledge to successfully implement a Microsoft product or technology part of a business solution in an organization. To achieve these credentials professionals must complete industry standard Microsoft certification training and exams.

CompTIA Certifications

The A+ Certification signifies that the certified professional possesses the knowledge and skills essential for a successful computer service technician, as defined by experts from companies across the industry.