Hybrid Backup Device


With cloud-based desktops and hosted Exchange, you can work from anywhere and share anything. Access calendars, contacts and tasks, and backup information securely.

Hybrid Backup Device

Compared to traditional backup solutions that only backup your files and folders, DigitalVault Hybrid Backup devices backup your entire server including all installed programs, data, files, folders and complete server configuration. This dramatically cuts down on recovery time and as a result, minimizes costs to your business in the event of a catastrophic server failure.

Our solution consists of one or more custom built backup devices configured to replicate a complete image of your server with the option to replicate to multiple devices in different physical locations or online to our Canadian data centre. In the unfortunate event of a server failure, your server can "Virtual boot" on the backup device and your office can remain up and running while your primary server is repaired.

Automatically protect your entire business with easy to use, secure and affordable onsite and offsite backup solutions with enterprise-grade features and web-based administrative dashboard to easily manage backup settings for all the computers and servers in your company and your home. Contact us for more information or click the banner below to start your free trial.